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How To Belly Roll Tutorial

Belly rolling is a staple move in many dance styles and cultures around the world. As a belly dancer I incorporate belly rolling into my dance routines wether improvised or choreographed. I teach it at my classes not only as a dance move but also as a beneficial abdominal workout that works well for women who want a workout as well as a dance class but don't want to get down onto the floor to do sit ups and crunches. Some dancers and teachers roll the stomach whilst performing the camel or undulation movements however I prefer to reverse and roll out the abdominals by isolating different abdominal mucsles followed by shifting weight in the feet whist rocking the hips back and fourth to make flowing belly rolls. Once the belly rolls have been mastered it is easy to travel with them. What lever the reason is to why you want to learn this move one thing is for sure it has many health and fitness benefits and it's great for women. It is flamboyant and is always a people pleaser w…

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