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DIY Natural Probiotics Yoghurt Tutorial

It's a sunny Sunday morning and I'm up early enjoying the sun with a coffee and a bowl of yoghurt for my breakfast. Difference is this yoghurt has no artificial flavours or loaded sugar and it's full of good probiotic bacteria that keeps you in balance. It's cheap and easy to make and there's enough fruit to add to one of the five a day unlike the crappy pots of yoghurt that you are lucky to get one bite of fruit.

Probiotic what is it?
Probiotic is a good bacteria that helps to balance the body.
It has been proven to prevent and treat certain diseases like chrome's, CA, Common cold, Candid albicans (yeast infestation), Irritable bowel syndrome ect.
We already have good bacteria in our gut that kills bad bacteria however sometimes for one reason or another we need a top up. Most if not all simple natural yoghurts has some probiotics in them and so has real Greek yoghurt. Some of the Good bacteria in yoghurt is called Lactobacillus bulgericus, Streptococcus ther…

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