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Purple Rain DIY Glitter Nails

February attracted alot of inspiration from prince ( the artist formally known as). What better way to honour one of my favourite singers & creative musicians than with some purple rain glitter nails.  Enjoy!
What You Need A Nail File & buffer A base coat Some nail glue Some Rhinestones (I used 20 X2 each nail) A true purple nail polish that is Pearlised or very shiny (gel like) A true purple & silvery lilic glitter polish that is mixed with a clear varnish (liquid is clear, glitter is coloured) A Good shiny top coat
Prep the nails  Remove old nail polish with polish Remover File buff over and shape the nails (oval is always better) Exfoliate the hands under running water (use a scrub or sugar &  oil) Oil the nails & moisturize hands Fix any broken nails Remove any oil residue with some polish remover wipes over each nail
Paint Your Nail Start with a very thin base coat  Apply 1 or 2 very fine coats of purple polish (leave to dry for about 2 mins inbetween coats) …

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